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At North Central Bailiffs Ltd., we pride ourselves on our exceptional experience and our service.  The experience of our employees is one of our greatest strengths.  Each of our staff members has a background in finance, police-work, or business management.  Also, all of our managers have Court Bailiff training, and this additional training gives them an understanding of collection activities and procedures that most bailiffs do not possess.  The quality of our staff is unmatched in the bailiff industry and our high level of success proves this.  Our Written reports and immediate follow-up puts you and only you in control of your files!

Court Bailiff

As Court Bailiffs, we enforce orders for the court.  The Ministry of Attorney General for British Columbia, under the Sheriff’s Act, has appointed our Court Bailiffs.

At North Central Bailiffs Ltd., we have been executing Court Orders since 1990 and we are experts at asset location, evaluation, and all aspects of Court Order Enforcement.

Court Bailiffs are Peace Officers, and have the authority to enforce all orders that were formerly enforced only by the Sheriffs.  Most bailiff companies do not carry this authority.  North Central Bailiffs Ltd. has Court Bailiffs at or serving all branches throughout our network. A bailiff cannot be hired to perform the duties of a Court Bailiff.


As bailiffs, we can act as your licensed and bonded agent to seize and/or distrain against the property of a debtor. A bailiff can only take action for you if there is authority to act. Our authority to act may be found in a contract held by the creditor, statutes, or common law. The statutes (laws) under which a bailiff may commonly exercise their authority include: the Personal Property Security Act, Rent Distress Act, Repairer’s Lien Act, and Warehouse Lien Act.

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Writ of Possession

A Writ of Possession is a document issued by the Court after a tenant has failed to comply with an Order to Vacate. A Writ of Possession may also be issued in foreclosure proceedings.

The Writ of Possession orders the Court Bailiff to evict tenants at a certain location. The Court Bailiff will evict all persons from the named premises.

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Writ of Seizure and Sale

A Writ of Seizure and Sale instructs the Court Bailiff to seize sufficient of the debtor’s unencumbered personal property, which will be sold to satisfy the amount of the Judgment. The Registrar of the court where the Judgment or Order was made and directed issues a Writ of Seizure and Sale to the Sheriff or Court Bailiff of the district where the debtor resides or is believed to have assets.

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Court Orders

A Court Order is a legal document or proclamation in which a court orders a person to perform a specific act, prohibits him/her from performing an act, sets a court date, or legally establishes something. For example, a Court Order may require an individual to pay a specific amount of money to another party.

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Document Filing and Lien Registration

The experts at our offices can have your important documents registered quickly, whether at the Court Registry, Personal Property Registry, or any of the other registries.

We file legal documents such as Repairer’s Liens, and can also file for you under P.P.S.A. if you finance your product or services.

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Eviction is the act of removing a person(s) from real property. If the eviction stems from a residential tenancy, then a Writ of Possession will be required and a Court Bailiff must enforce it. If the eviction stems from a commercial tenancy, then a bailiff may be entitled to perform the eviction or lease termination.

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